Firestorm: Welcome!

Monday, April 5, 2010


FIRESTORM is a one-hour documentary that goes behind-the-scenes with LA firefighters of station 65 in South LA, and reveals how the LAFD has become the de facto health care safety net for many of the region's poor and under-insured. Like fire services across the country, the majority of the LAFD's calls are medical, rather than fire-related.

Please check back to get the latest news and updates about the release of the documentary. We also want this blog to be a place where pre-hospital personnel in the field and in the emergency room can exchange ideas and stories aimed at improving emergency medical services.

To stay informed of screenings and future FIRESTORM related news, please send a message to with your name, email, and zip code. Also feel free to include any stories you might have regarding EMS or Health-care related issues. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Is there anyway I could purchase a DVD of this? Just caught the last ten minutes yesterday and cannot find a rebroadcast scheduled anywhere. We have one grandson who is a paramedic and another who has almost finished his grueling training and will become a paramedic later this year. I want to share this with them both and I would imagine the paramedic classes would benefit from seeing this excellent documentary!!! We also have San Jose taxpayers who should see this....we are facing the same projected cuts here!
    Barbara Laver
    1708 Arbor Drive
    San Jose, CA 95125-1808