Firestorm: Generation Medicine Podcast featuring Firestorm

Friday, July 2, 2010

Generation Medicine Podcast featuring Firestorm

The EMT/Paramedic-centric podcast Generation Medicine recently uploaded their 7th episode, and Firestorm was the main topic. The host, Jeremiah Bush is an EMT and student in the Bay Area. Two guests appeared on the podcast as well; Natalie, a paramedic from Louisiana, and Sam Bradley, a paramedic who has worked in Los Angeles and the East Bay area. All three had been at the Firestorm premiere in San Francisco on May 16th, and use the podcast to discuss their own experiences, as well as how the issues in Firestorm affect the nation as a whole.

Listen to Episode #7 - "There's a Storm Brewin'"

Check out the rest of Generation Medicine.

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  1. This movie was amazing, chilling and so true! As an EMS instructor I think all my students should see this and know the "dark side" of EMS. I love the passion that people like Julie and Ted Setla of "Level Zero Movie" Possess. We only hope we can carry the message on our podcasts and blogs. We're all into making EMS better! - Sam Bradley